Apparel Printing Styles
At Threadbird, our standard apparel printing style is called Premium Standard. In technical terms, we use a discharge under base with soft inks on top to create long lasting prints. We hold our inks quality to a higher standard than most print shops, and we're proud of that! 
About Our Inks & Processes

When choosing the best printing method for your designs, there are several important factors to consider, such as the complexity of artwork, the desired fabric type and the intended outcome. Our Threadbird team can offer guidance as to which method and ink type is best suited for your needs.

Premium Standard

A special hybrid style of shirt printing resulting in bright colors and soft prints.

Premium Standard Ink

Discharge Printing

Printing method that uses a waterbase ink to achieve soft prints on dark shirts.

Discharge Ink

Waterbase Printing

Similar to discharge printing, but for white and light garments. Super soft prints unite!

Waterbase Ink

Plastisol Printing

Plastisol printing is traditional screen printing at it's finest. Thicker, vibrant prints that sit on top of the shirt.

Plastisol Ink

Vybrasol Printing

Our specialty ink Vybrasol, resembles the vibrance of plastisol or premium standard with a soft to the touch feel. 

Vybrasol Ink

Process Printing

Sometimes called Simulated Process, this is designed to get the most detail for full-color images or photographs. 

Process Print

Foil Printing

Uses sheets of foil to heat press the design on top of plastisol ink to create a print with a shiny effect. 

Foil Printing at Threadbird

Metallic Printing

Specialty mixed plastisol-based ink to create unique gold, silver, and bronze colors directly on your garment without heat press.

Metallic Printing

Direct-to-Film Transfer

Artwork is printed on a special film, then applied with an adhesive powder & heat, to press and transfer the design. 

Direct-to-film Transfer Printing / Apparel Printing Styles

Puff Ink Printing

A unique type of ink that rises when cured, giving a bold, 3D effect to your printed designs.

Puff Ink Printing / Apparel Printing Styles