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With 14 years of experience in screen printing & embroidering products under our belts, we know a thing or two about custom patches. Whether you’re wanting to give dimension to your designs or make your product stand out - patches are an awesome way to do just that!

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Patch Types

Looking to add unique custom branding to your products? Let us bring your original designs to life on a custom patch! We assist you in selecting the best type of patch, size, border type and backing for your custom patch.

Embroidered Patch

Interested in putting your logo on a hat, or letter on a jacket? Work with us to recreate your custom design and give it unique depth on an embroidered patch. Our creative specialists work with your preference(s) to determine the optimal percentage for embroidery coverage to best suit your artwork.

Recommended Borders: Merrowed* or Heat Cut

*Note: Merrowed border is not available on die-cut patches

Embroidered Patch
Woven Patch

Woven Patch

Woven patches are an awesome option to explore, if your design has a lot of finer details, small lettering or numbers that you want to POP! We create our woven patches with a thinner thread, which allows you to achieve a clean, crisp graphic style with your embroidered custom designs.

Recommended Borders: Merrowed* or Laser Cut

*Note: Merrowed border is not available on die-cut patches

Printed Patch

If you want to recreate an image of your logo, photograph or landscape, printed patches are the best type of patch to accomplish this. Using our printing method of sublimation, we can replicate your imagery directly onto a patch background surface with limitless colors. Our printed patches are very consistent in capturing your detailed text and photo-realistic designs.

Recommended Borders: Merrowed* or Embroidered Border

*Note: Merrowed border is not available on die-cut patches

Printed Tags
Rubber/PVC Patches

Rubber/PVC Patch

Custom PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) patches are a popular option for those who want to create a more modern, 3-D alternative to traditional embroidery patches. These rubber-like patches are made of a soft, flexible plastic that allows them to be easily molded into any shape, and made in any and all colors.

As a result, PVC patches produce a refined appearance with vibrant colors and long-lasting materials that won’t crack or fade from tough use.


Leather Patch

Elevate your apparel products and give it a natural look and feel with a custom leather patch. With four color choices available in any shape or size, we can brand a personalized leather patch with your embossed designs. Or if you want more options for color, we can also create faux leather patches! Both of these custom patches are successful in giving clothing a unique classic, high-end finish.

Leather Patches

Patch Pricing



Quantity 2" 3" 4" 5" 6"
100-199 $1.55 $1.95 $2.65 $3.95 $5.65
200-299 $1.25 $1.70 $2.15 $3.25 $4.65
300-499 $1.00 $1.40 $1.90 $2.85 $3.95
500-999 $0.80 $1.25  $1.70 $2.35 $3.50
1000+ $0.65 $1.10 $1.60 $2.20 $3.25

Printed & Woven

Quantity 2" 3" 4"
50-99 $2.10 $2.40 $2.80
100-199 $1.50 $1.80 $2.10
200-299 $1.40 $1.55 $1.80
300-499 $1.20 $1.40 $1.55
500-999 $0.95 $1.20 $1.35
1000+ $0.80 $1.00 $1.10


  •   Up to 8 colors max for woven

  •   Pricing includes merrowed border, iron-on backing, or adhesive backing (printed & woven only) 

Faux Leather - Engraved

Quantity Up to 3"x3"
50-99 $5.70
100-149 $5.00
150-299 $4.60
300-599 $4.30
600+ $4.10


  •   All Faux Leather patches include iron-on backing, and attachment to hat or garment

Faux Leather - Debossed (+ Color Fill)

Debossed (+ Color Fill)*

* Debossed Color Fill Pricing in Parenthesis

Quantity 2.5" 3" 3.5" 4"
50-99 $5.45  ($5.80) $5.75  ($6.10) $6.10  ($6.40) $6.35  ($6.70)
100-249 $4.25  ($4.60) $4.50  ($4.85) $4.80  ($5.15) $5.10  ($5.45)
250-499 $2.90  ($3.25) $3.10  ($3.45) $3.35  ($3.70) $3.55  ($3.90)
500-999 $2.60  ($2.95) $2.80  ($3.15) $3.00  ($3.35) $3.20  ($3.55)
1000+ $2.40  ($2.75) $2.55  ($2.90) $2.80  ($3.10) $2.95  ($3.30)


  •   All Faux Leather patches include iron-on backing, and attachment to hat or garment

  •   Pantone match available for Color Fill option, 2 color max

Real Leather Patch

Please contact us for a custom quote!
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Please contact us for a custom quote!
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Patch Attachment

Quantity 50 100 300 500 1000
Patch Attachment $6.00 $4.75 $4.40 $3.85 $3.45
PVC/Leather Patch Attachment Please contact us for a custom quote!


  • Die-Cut Shapes, add $1.10 each

  • We can not be responsible for heat pressing/ironing on patches since we would not be able to guarantee the durability and lifespan of that attachment.

Patch Backing Options

No Backing

Patches without backings do not have the same thickness or stiffness as patches with backings. Ideal for sewn attachment.

Included in base price
Backing Options - No Backing

Heat Seal/Iron On

Attachable with an iron or heat press.

Backing Options - Heat Seal/Iron On


No permanent attachment, which enables the ability to remove and replace the patch.

Backing Options - Velcro
Border Types

Merrowed Edge

Merrowed edge borders are sewn up and over the exterior edges of a patch after your custom design is created on it. This results in a thick raised border with a clean, traditional look to it. As the industry standard for patch edging, the merrowed edge is ideal for simple shapes like circles, ovals and squares.

Included in base price
Edge - Merrowed

Heat Cut

Unlike standard rounded borders, heat cut edges can be used on any shape of the patch design. Made using a hot knife or laser that seals the edges of a patch and shields the thread from fraying. This produces a flat and detailed border to the outer edges of your custom patch, as though it was directly made on the apparel.

Border - Heat Cut

Laser Cut

Laser cut edges are ideal for patches with unique or complex shapes since they do not have sewn borders. This type of border is made using a laser machine that cuts out intricate shapes with high precision. To prevent fraying, we melt the border of the patch fabric to create a clean, wax-like seal on the outside edges.

Border - Laser Cut
Add-On Pricing
Type Pricing
Plastic Backing $0.15
Adhesive Backing $0.10
Button Loops $0.15
9+ Colors $0.15

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