Direct-to-Film Transfer
A newer, premium method to printing that is consistent in capturing multi-color images and design details.

How does it work? 

This one-step heat transfer technique involves printing a design onto a film, then using an adhesive powder & heat, to press and transfer the design onto the substrate. 

Unlike screen printing or vinyl transfer, Direct-to-film transfer (DTF) is compatible for printing on a wide range of fabric types and surfaces (cotton, polyester, metal, etc). Contrary to vinyl heat transfers, Direct-to-film transfer is relatively simple and quick, because it doesn’t require weeding or cutting of the design (removing excess colors, elements). 

When is the DTF transfer printing method used? 

Direct-to-film transfer printing solution is most commonly used for orders of smaller quantities, or custom designs with a lot of ink colors, or artwork intended to be printed in obscure locations (near the seam, collar, etc). 

Advantages of Direct-to-Film (DTF) Transfer Printing:
  • Low-minimum order quantities
  • No restrictions on the number of ink colors
  • Quick, Easy, & Efficient: No pre-treatment required, and is consistent in replicating photorealistic & complex designs. 


Example of a DTF Transfer Print: