Focus on your business, we take care of shipping with order fulfillment!

Let us take care of the shipping so you can focus on your business! We’ll process your orders, pack them, and even handle returns with our merch fulfillment services.

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You Sell It... We Ship It!

Looking for full-service merch Order Fulfillment for all your customer orders - look no further. Threadbird specializes in eCommerce order fulfillment services for direct-to-consumer brands. Stop wasting your valuable time picking, packing, and shipping customer orders and get back to working hard to make your brand successful with our merch order fulfillment and printing services. 

You Sell it We Ship it - Warehouse and Custom box set

How it works

We want to make it an easy process, so let us break down our Merch Order Fulfillment Services for you.
Connect Your Store & Send Your Products
With our platform, you can integrate your Shopify, Etsy, eBay, or a variety of other platforms to our fulfillment system then send us your products.
Connect Your Store
We Store Your Inventory
Have more inventory than you can handle? We can store it all for you. Save money and place larger orders upfront. We'll take your items directly into our fulfillment center.
Store Your Inventory
Your Customers Place Orders
Your orders will come straight into your system and to us. Don’t worry about being the middleman between your orders and shipping.
We Receive Your Orders
We Pick, Pack & Ship!
Orders come in and orders go out. We pack orders just like you do with order fulfillment. Send us your specific packaging for shipping. We will even handle the returns.
We Pick and Pack

Discover our features

It’s not just about getting your packages there on time. We want to make sure the only thing you have to worry about is sending us designs to print new inventory for your store with our order fulfillment services.

Shipping at Threadbird
We ship via FedEx including Smartpost*, Ground, 2-Day Priority, and Overnight services domestically. International services include Asendia, FedEx, and UPS for both Domestic & International for supported countries.
Store Integration with Threadbird
Store Integration
We can integrate with any of the following shopping carts (plus many more!): Big Commerce, eBay, Etsy, Google Shopping, Magento Commerce,, Shopify, SureDone, and Walmart.
Threadbird Customer Service
Customer Support
Let us help you provide a great customer experience for your store. We will take care of any questions/concerns/returns.
Returns & Exchanges at Threadbird
You are welcome to create your own return/exchange policy for your store. We’d be happy to provide recommendations for common policies and practices if needed.
Speed with Threadbird Order Fulfillment
We work to ship orders within 24 hours of receiving them. Most U.S. orders arrive within 3-5 business days. International order arrival dates range from 2-8 weeks depending on their local postal system.
Cost of Order Fulfillment with Threadbird
You are free to charge what you feel is best for shipping. We recommend building in fulfillment costs (see “Fulfillment Fees”) to your final shipping price.

Discover our integrations

To ensure that your store works with our system, we offer integration with all of the major e-commerce platforms. Don’t see your platform? Email us and we can see how to integrate and get your orders shipping in no time. 

Fulfillment Integrations
Fulfillment by the Numbers

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Orders Picked and Packed

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Items Shipped

We ship around the world!



Error rate

Get your order shipped with no issues


Fulfillment Tiers

At Threadbird, we value the importance of creating loyal brand identities with flexible frameworks that will allow companies & organizations to stand the test of time. We are an experienced fulfillment services partner who can help you monetize your brand identity and grow your business from a single event shipment to ongoing e-commerce store sales.


Fulfillment Icon
One Time Fulfillment
Threadbird’s one-time merch fulfillment services are best suited for clients running a pre-sale or shipping out a one-time product with a minimum of 50 orders. This is also an excellent option for companies looking to get new employees merch as part of the onboarding process.

• Duration of Pre-sale: no longer than 2-4 weeks before production
• $500 prepayment to get started, applied to pick and pack fees and other setup charges
• All customer info submitted via CSV or spreadsheet

• Enables you to sell your products ahead of time, before production.
• Once the stock is ready, we will ship out all of your orders to your customers
• No storage fees - we will ship back to you any unused merchandise once the job is complete
Standard Fulfillment
Standard Fulfillment
Our standard fulfillment service is ideal for clients who have demonstrated a high volume order history - we store your inventory, both items we produce, and from other manufacturers, then pick, pack, and ship orders as they come through. Applicants for this service are accepted on a case-by-case basis.

Minimum of an average of 50 orders per month

• Connect our WMS (Warehouse Management System) to your online store via API
• We can store your inventory from any supplier
• 24-7 online client visibility of inventory levels, orders to ship, and other KPIs

Simple and Predictable Fulfillment Pricing

Stop wasting your valuable time picking, packing, and shipping customer orders and get back to working hard to make your brand successful. 


Pick & Pack

Pick & Pack 1st Item Additional Item
1-99 $4.00 $1.50
100-499 $3.50 $1.25
500-999 $3.25 $1.15
1000-4999 $3.00 $1.00
5000-9999 $2.90 $0.95
10K $2.80 $0.95
25K $2.70 $0.90
50K $2.60 $0.80


Monthly minimum fee: $500.00 per month for Pick and Pack.
One time fulfillment will require an upfront $500 cost, this amount will be credited to your overall bill.

Pick and Pack of Orders: prices include cost of standard packaging, which consists of a blank white polybag


  • Poster: $2.00
  • Oversize: $1.00

Note: Additional packaging will be charged at current market rates


Support Pricing
One-Time Customer Support Inbox Set Up Fee $200.00
Returns $3.00
Per-item Restock Fee


Email Support 2% free each month, $1 an email after that.

Additional Fees

Additional Fees Pricing
Shiphero Set Up Fee $50.00
Shiphero Connection Fee $50/month
If CSV Upload is Required


Return Processing Fee $2.50 (label cost is not included)
RTS Domestic/International $9.00 / $17.00
Address Correction $1.25
Receiving Fee $35/hr (for non-Threadbird produced items)
Customer Rush Fee $2.00 + $0.50 an item
Put to Shelf Fee $2.50 a box - applies to all item regardless of where they were produced
Non-standard Projects Outside Our Normal Processes $35/hr
(All Threadbird produced items will require folding or folding/bagging at production)
  • Threadbird produced items: $0.25 (priced during production)
  • Non-Threadbird produced items that arrive unfolded: $0.35
Storage Fees
Storage fees only pertains to presale/seasonal and standard fulfillment options
Small Box Medium Box Large Box Overstock Box Pallet
$2.00 $3.00 $6.00 $9.00 (+$3 oversize OS surcharge) $85.00

Packaging Pricing

Bubble Mailer

Size Pricing
Small (4"x6") $0.65
Medium (6"x8" / 7"x9") $0.90
Large (9"x12" / 10"x13") $1.25


  • Single Poly included
  • Packaging material will be charged per shipment


Size Pricing
Small (8"x8") $1.75
Medium (10"x10") $2.25
Large (24"x10"x8") $2.75
OS (24"x14"x14") $3.25
Mug (6"x6"x6") $0.65
BB (4"x4"x32") $1.25
Shoe (15"x9"x6") $2.75
CD (6"x6"x1") $1.25
Vinyl (12"x12"x1") $1.50
Convention (20"x20"x20") $8.00


  • Single Poly included
  • Packaging material will be charged per shipment

Poster Tube

Size Pricing
Small (2"x16") $1.75
Medium (2"x24") $2.25
Large (3"x26"(30")) $4.00
X-Large (24"x5"x5") $5.50
Box (33"x6"x8") $3.25


  • Single Poly included
  • Packaging material will be charged per shipment

Stay Flat

Size Pricing
Small (6"x6") $1.50
Medium (9"x12") $1.75
Large (17"x21" / 18"x24") $2.00


  • Single Poly included
  • Packaging material will be charged per shipment

Capabilities: More than Just T-shirts

Looking to take your e-commerce experience to the next level with elevated custom packaging? Or perhaps you think a subscription box program is the next step for your growing business? Threadbird can help you, from designing and producing the just-for-you packaging to kitted assembly and waved delivery for just the right surprise-and-delight experience for your customers. 

Looking to create individual, custom experiences within a subscription box program - we can help produce completely bespoke programs with individual items specifically for specific customers, allowing you to reward those who support your business the most!

Custom packaging is just one way to bring your brand to life when it arrives at your customer's doorstep - additional details we can help with include interior packaging materials, sealing stickers, and fully customizable polybags, to name just a few.



Frequently Asked Questions

Have a quick question? Check out our most commonly asked fulfillment questions below.

Do I Have to Print With Threadbird to Use Your Fulfillment Services

Printing with Threadbird is not a requirement in order to use our fulfillment services. Each service is separate and you can either use one, or both.

Is There a Contract Associated With Fulfillment?

Yes, however you are free to leave with a 20 days notice, but you will be responsible for the cost of shipping all remaining products back to you. All outstanding invoices must be paid before your product is shipped back. 

Can I Include Free Items With My Order? (Stickers, Wristbands, Etc)

We can include one (1) small item in each package at no extra charge. Anything more than that may require a small additional fee. 

Can I Sell Items Other Than T-shirts?

We can ship most items, including but not limited to: apparel, accessories, posters, and small promotional items! 

What’s Your WMS (or Warehouse Management System)

Accurate inventory - check from any web-connected device! 

  • Faster picking and shipping - our bar-coded, tablet drive pick, pack, and ship process gets your orders out the door quickly 
  • Reliable stock management - know what's in stock, what's selling quickly, and what needs reordering
  • Easy returns - end customer drive process makes things easier for everyone
Is One Time Fulfillment An Option?

Yes, it's perfect for Kickerstart or Indiegogo!

Do You Offer Print On Demand?

At this time, no. It's something we're looking into for the future. 

Can I Provide My Own Custom Packaging?

Yes! Although it depends on the complexity of the customization, you will not be charged additional packaging fees. Please speak with us prior to providing us with packaging. All packaging you provide will be counted as additional product storage. 

Will the Packing Slip and Shipping Label Be Branded? Will Anything Else Come With the Package?

Our standard packaging includes a blank white polybag or blank box. It will have your name listed over our address as the shipper for all domestic shipments. International orders will have a person's name on them. The buyer will also receive a packaging slip (no pricing listed) displaying the item(s) ordered and basic return/customer information. 

How Can I Get Items From My Inventory Sent Directly To Me?

All we need is an email with the request, the shipping address, and how quickly it needs to arrive. We will bill you for the costs of shipping, plus a small handling fee (either normal fulfillment fees or up to $6 per box).