Custom Products: Cut & Sew

Can't find what you're looking for with standard manufacturer's garments? Let us help you create truly customized products from the ground up with our Cut & Sew service offering.


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What is Cut & Sew?

Cut & Sew is the commonly accepted name for a service offering where you get to create your perfect garment from the ground up. Are you creating a custom hoodie with rivets and custom colored drawstrings? Does your long sleeve shirt have different colored sleeves? Do your customers want a specific fit that you just can't find in a manufacturer-supplied garment? All of these customizations and more make Cut & Sew an incredible option to set your brand above the rest!

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Benefits of Full Custom Products

Fully custom pieces with Threadbird's Cut and Sew process allow brands and companies to take advantage of these benefits

  •  Complete control of every detail of your offering
  •  Custom sizing based on your brand's specifications
  •  Finishing details that make your items stand out


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Choose from our extensive range of products, inks and finishing options and develop a beautiful product that is perfect for your customers.