Custom Products: Cut & Sew

Has your brand’s image and vision outgrown the same old standard, stock garments everyone else is using? Take your brand to the next level with our Cut & Sew program. We work with you to design and construct one-a-kind custom products – from a mere idea to wearable reality!


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What is Cut and Sew - Pocket tees

What is Cut & Sew?

Cut & Sew is defined by our unique service in which we work with you to design and construct custom garments from the ground up. Whether you want a specific cut and fit to a garment, a hoodie with custom colored drawstrings, or a shirt with different colored sleeves- the sky’s the limit! 

Work with our team of experts & designers to build garments that you can’t find with other manufacturers with our cut & sew services! We can also help match the size and material specs of existing brands to create exactly what you want.

Full Custom Collage

Benefits of Full Custom Products

Our custom cut & sew programs allows you to construct garments from scratch, or utilize one of our cut and material presets for simplicity. Whichever you choose, you’re enabled with the design freedom to customize:

  •  All product design features
  •  Sizing & fit specifications
  •  Apparel finishings to polish off your custom products


Explore Cut and Sew Options

Think outside of the box, and create one-of-a-kind products that will set your brand apart from the rest. Explore the custom design potential for your brand!

Custom T-Shirt
Custom T-Shirt

Starting @ $12.80 for 100

Custom Pocket Tee
Pocket T-Shirt

Starting @ $13.95 for 100

Custom Button Up
Custom Button Up
Winter Wear
Winter Wear

Starting @ $37.00 for 100

Custom Crew Socks

Starting @ $7.15 for 200

Custom Totes
Tote Bags

Starting @ $3.95 for 100

Custom Construction

From ideation, to the specific cut, style and stitch of the garment you’d like, we assist you every step of the way in designing custom features of the garment that you would like to. No matter if you are new to the custom cut & sew design process, or just unsure about what exactly you want - Threadbird has a variety of design presets for you to choose from! 

Production times may vary based on product type and complexity of the project.

Custom Construction

Custom Finishings

Polish off your cut & sew creation with your branded apparel finishing. Woven labels, custom tags and more to explore!

Product Highlight: Rain Jacket
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Product Quality
Quality is our top priority in designing your custom cut & sew products. Our team of experts source quality materials and the necessary fabrics to construct your fully custom garments. We combined 100% nylon fabric with 100% polyester lining to build this completely unique custom rain jacket, and customized its inner lining with a sublimated print.
Art Department
Whether you’ve got an idea, or a rough design sketch, we can bring your ideas to life! Our skilled designers utilize your artwork to create a digital tech-pack that includes a digital mockup of the cut & sew garment with your original designs. This vector mockup also outlines the custom specifications i.e finishings for your custom piece.
Once we create a design for your custom product, we’ll send you the digital mockup of your custom product for you to review and approve, before anything moves into the production stage.
Product Highlight: Rain Jacket
Endless Features to Customize

Explore the variety of garment locations to customize.

Inner Lining
Inner Lining
Rain Jacket Hardware
Rain Jacket Sleeve Velcro Closure
Velcro Closure
Rain Jacket Heat Press Transfer
Heat Press Transfer
Rain Jacket Woven Label
Woven Label

Let Your Creativity Flourish

Our Cut & Sew program gives you the creative reigns to create fully custom garments, with unique features that you can’t find elsewhere! We designed this cut & sew rain jacket with a specific cut in mind, and created a vented back fold, to allow for breeziness and flexibility. We customized its style of zipper hardware, and branded it with our Threadbird heat pressed logo on the chest.

Rain Jacket Custom Elements
Unlimited Options

Don’t See What You Need?

It’s frustrating when garments from ordinary manufacturers don’t quite look, feel and fit like you had hoped. Whether you’re bored of printing on these standard garments, or you’re wanting to take your designs to the next level….our cut & sew program is just what you need. Construct unique garments that will finally live up to your own standards.

Brand Your Customers Today!

Choose from our extensive range of products, inks and finishing options and develop a beautiful product that is perfect for your customers.