Screen Printing Over Seams
Warning: Could Cause Inconsistencies

If the design is closer than 1/2" to the seam, this can cause screen printing inconsistencies. The seams prevent the screen from lying completely flat on top of the garment when printing. When the screens are placed on top of the seam it can print unevenly in this area. We do not recommend adding detailed designs over the seam.


Left: Gaps in print over collar seam | Right: Gaps in print where fabric is raised near zipper



What amount of space should I leave when screen printing near seams?

It is recommended that you leave at least 1/2" of space between the edge of your screen printing design and any shirt seams.

If you have a “Seams Warning” on your mock and you notice there is plenty of room in between your design and the seam, keep in mind that the mocks typically show only two standard garment types: "medium men's garment" and "small women's garment". If your order has garments that are smaller than the garment template used on the mock, this could be the reason for the warning.


Can I print over seams?

Screen printing over seams is not recommended. When you print over seams, a gap is created in the print where the ink from the screen does not touch the shirt due to the ridge caused by the seam. This causes inconsistencies in the print from shirt to shirt which is why we strongly recommend against printing over seams.