Premium Standard Printing
A special hybrid style of premium shirt printing resulting in bright colors and soft prints.

At Threadbird, there's nothing "standard" about our standard screen printing process. You should not have to pay extra to get great quality apparel printing. We have won multiple awards for our quality with this style of premium screen printing and it's something we offer at no additional charge to you.


Examples of Premium Standard Printing


What exactly is Premium Standard Screen Printing?

We use a special hybrid style of printing in which we use a discharge underbase with our special soft inks on top. This allows us to create a strong print with bright colors while keeping the printing really soft (even on dark colored shirts). And it only gets softer after you wash the shirts!


Are there any fees or restrictions with Premium Standard Printing?

Absolutely no fees! We offer this amazing quality of printing at no charge. Please consider the following restrictions when choosing Premium Standard:

  • Only works on 100% Cotton garments (Unless you are trying to achieve a particular effect!). Our Customer Account Specialists can help you determine the best way to print your garments based on your desired outcome.