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Ribbed Garments at Threadbird
Printing on Ribbed Garments
Warning: Absence of ink inbetween ribbing
Foil Printing at Threadbird
Foil Printing
Sheets of foil are heat pressed on top of Plastisol prints to make your prints pop!
Simulated Process Printing at Threadbird
Process (Simulated) Apparel Printing
Sometimes called Simulated Process, this is for full-color images or photographs.
Vybrasol Printing at Threadbird
Vybrasol Printing
Vybrasol Printing
Plastisol Printing
Plastisol Printing
Plastisol screen printing is the traditional ink of your dad's band tee.
Premium Standard Printing at Threadbird
Premium Standard Printing
A special hybrid style of premium shirt printing resulting in bright colors and soft prints.
Waterbase Printing at Threabird
Waterbase Printing
Similar to discharge printing, but for white and light garments. Super soft prints unite!
Discharge Printing at Threadbird
Discharge Printing
Discharge printing is a method of shirt printing using waterbase ink to achieve soft prints on dark shirts.
Templates at Threadbird
Screen Printing Templates
We want the art process to be as seamless as possible for you. So, we've created screen printing templates, from t-shirt templates to hang tag templates, to help guide you before submitting artwork for your order.
Screen Printing Process at Threadbird
The Screen Printing Process
Everything you've always wanted to know about screen printing but were too afraid to ask
New to Printing at Threadbird
New to Screen Printing
Is this your first foray into the wonderful world of Screen Printing? Just want a refresher? Read on to learn more about Screen Printing history and various answers to important questions.
Terms and Conditions at Threadbird
Terms & Conditions
Everything you need to know about working with Threadbird.