November 25th, 2023

Peak Performance: Noteworthy Brands & Styles in Athletic Wear

Join us as we dive into the world of activewear apparel, unveiling noteworthy brands, trendsetting garments, and the styles that define the game.
Peak Performance: Unveiling the Best Brands & Styles in Athletic Wear / Blog

Although athletic wear was originally invented for exercising and sports, the industry has certainly modernized in terms of quality and style. Over the last two decades, performance wear has been redefined in fashion, with trendy styles, materials, and features introduced to the market. Through this revolutionary movement, athleisure apparel was born.

Athleisure apparel has blurred the lines between everyday style and performance for all ages. Athletic wear is no longer just about playing sports or hitting the gym it's about a sporty lifestyle. The surge of athleisure wear trend has not only made its footprint in mainstream fashion, but it has also paved the way for a parallel trend in apparel decoration!


Apparel brands and wholesale manufacturers across the globe have embraced this trend and jumped on the bandwagon. With so many brands and options out there, it can be overwhelming to narrow down your choices. But don’t you worry! Whether you’re a fitness or sports brand, or just looking to elevate your brand, our Threadbird team can offer guidance during this section process. Let’s touch on some of our favorite athletic apparel brands and styles. 

1. Augusta Sportswear

This noteworthy brand specializes in creating performance and outerwear apparel for sports teams. What makes Augusta Sportswear a leading supplier within the apparel market is the value of quality that they provide for an affordable price.  

The innovative fabrics their garments are designed with really set their brand apart, in addition to the vast range of colors and styles.


Women's Wayfarer Shorts (Augusta 2430)


Cutter Jersey (Augusta 1517)

2. Badger Sport 

Known for their wide range of performance apparel for a variety of activities and sports, Badger Sport is a trailblazer in sportswear apparel.


B-Core Sleeveless Tank (Badger 4130) & Women's B-Core Racerback Tank (Badger 4166

The premium, moisture-wicking qualities that their apparel is made with makes their clothing ideal for everything from running, soccer, training to everyday wear. Badger sport offers a stylish yet affordable range of athletic garments in mens, womens, and unisex sizes that are great for decoration.


B-Core Longsleeve Tee (Badger 4004) & Ultimate Soft Lock Shorts (Badger 4002)
& B-Core Quarter Zip (Badger 4102

3. Champion

For decades, this well-known brand has maintained a longstanding presence in the athletic apparel space and in sports. As the original pioneer in manufacturing apparel and uniforms for professional athletes, the Champion brand has continued to expand and innovate their apparel styles.

Champion has certainly embraced the ‘streetwear style’ look with their heavy-weight materials, cropped and baggy styles. The variety of versatile, trendy garments that Champion offers, makes a appealing brand when it comes to apparel customization.


Women's Heritage Jersey Crop Tee (Champion T453W) & Double Dry Eco Hooded Sweatshirt (S700) & Women's Sport Soft Touch Leggings (CHP120)

4. AS Colour 

We’ve talked about AS Colour before and there is a reason for that! Their premium quality and variety of stylish, unisex apparel options definitely sets them apart from the rest. From t-shirts, shorts, sweatpants, hoodies - they have an excellent selection of trending, sporty and casual garment options for a variety of occasions. 


Men's Court Shorts (AS Colour 5910)
*Decorated with a Digital Heat Transfer

If quality is your top priority, AS Colours garments will not disappoint! The craftsmanship within the design of their garments speaks for itself with buttery soft textures, flexible fits and fresh styles to choose won't even want to look elsewhere!


Men's Track Shorts (AS Colour 5905) & Classic Tees (AS Colour 5026)
& Stencil Track Pants (AS Colour 5921
* Decorated with Screen printing

5. Next Level Apparel

For nearly two decades Next Level has been a reliable brand for premium quality, blank apparel. The brand manufacturers everything from t-shirts, hoodies, hats, athletic apparel, and so much more! What really makes their apparel stand out is the top notch quality that you get for a very reasonable price. The assortment of apparel types, colors, and styles that Next Level Apparel offers constitues them as great brand to explore for garment decoration and customization. 


Women's Festival Tank (Next Level 5033) & Unisex Three-Quarter Baseball Raglan (Next level 6051)

Our Threadbird team works with you to gauge the style, fit and purpose you're looking to achieve and we source garments that align with your needs. The trend of atheisure wear is here to stay, and we're embracing it by working with brands that offer the quality and price we strive for! With the wide array of options to choose from, the possibilities for decoration, and personalization with screen printing are limitless. 

Or if you want to design custom athletic apparel, we can also construct your apparel from the ground up. Check out our custom leggings for inspiration! Make 2024 your year, by taking your brand to the next level!

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