October 1st, 2023

Matching Apparel Sets: Fashion-Foward

Like everything, fashion trends have eps and flows. It’s fascinating how some trends resurface and integrate back into society decades later. One trend that has certainly reemerged and here is to stay is matching apparel sets.
 Matching Apparel Sets: Fashion Forward / Blog

Where did this trend initially come from? Throwing it back to the 70s and 80s, matching sets were all the rage within the era of disco. From fitness wear, business suits, and bell-bottom styles that embraced bright colors and funky patterns. 


Fast forward to today, this fashion trend has been redefined and reinvented over the years by designers, bloggers, celebrities, and various brands. What was once geared towards an older demographic or occasion has now become a common everyday fashion statement for people.

The beauty of this long-standing trend is that there are many different approaches/ ways to rock it according to your personal brand's style. Because of its versatility, brands of different kinds have embraced this trend and tailored it for their business. There's matching apparel sets for everything from fashion-forward fits, athleisure, workout sets, to matching button-ups and shorts.  

Matching sets are ideal for screen-printing or embroidery because they allow for more opportunities for branding. Coordinated sets offer canvases for limitless creative possibilities to elevate your brand with clothing that makes a lasting impression. Let’s dive into some of our favorite matching sets!

Loungewear Sets

Popstars like Kim K can’t take all the credit for the emerging trend, but credit can be attributed to the pandemic quarantine when comfy casual/ chic became the new normal for most. 


Bella + Canvas Mauve Set
Sponge Fleece Drop Shoulder Hoodie (B+C 3729)
& Joggers (B+C 3727)

Mix & Match

Brands like AS Colour and Bella + Canvas offer garments in the same colorways, allowing you to create matching sets of different styles. Choosing garments that can be worn as a set and with other outfits is great because then your customers can mix and match the pieces too. 


Misty Blue Set
Wo’s Cali Wave Wash Full-Zip Hooded Sweatshirt (ITC PRM2500Z) & 
Women’s Cali  Wave Wash Sweatpants (ITC PRM20PNT)

Or you can pair the wave wash sweatpants with the Lightweight Cali Wave Wash Hoodie Sweatshirt (ITC PRM2500


Sage Set
Wo’s Cali Wave Wash Full-Zip Hooded Sweatshirt (ITC PRM2500Z)
& Lightweight Cali Wave Wash Hoodie Sweatshirt (ITC PRM2500

Other colors you can create sets in are: Blush, Bone, Black, Shadow, Dusty Rose, Black Camo/Heather, Forest Camo Heather


Premium Mauve Set
Premium Crewneck Sweatshirt 
(AS Colour 5121
 & Premium Track Pants (AS Colour 5920)

Or you can create a different look with the Premium Track pants in Athletic Heather by combining it with AS Colour’s cropped hoodie. 


Athletic Grey 
Wo’s Cropped Hoodie (AS Colour 4122)


Pistachio Sets
Cropped Tank (AS Color 4068) & Stencil Track Pants (AS Colour 5921)
or combine them with this Classic Long Sleeve tee (AS Colour 5071). 

Athleisure & Fitness

'Athleisure' sets have definitely become the latest MVP of fitness fashion. Who doesn’t love a comfy yet stylish set to wear for working out and everyday, on-the-go activities? 


Heather Navy/ Heather Charcoal Set
Performance Raglan Pullover Sweatshirt (Burnside 8670)
& Performance Fleece Joggers (Burnside 8801)


Black/Titanium Fleece Set
The Statement Fleece Hoodie (LAT 6996)
 & Statement Fleece Joggers  (LAT 8996)   

Patterns & Texture

If you’re looking to create matching sets with a little more personality, garments with patterns or unique features or stitching will help in making your brand designs stand out. 


Infinity Tie-Dye Set
Unisex Cloud Tie Dye Sweatshirt (Royal Apparel 3559CTD) 
& Unisex Cloud Tie Dye Joggers (Royal Apparel 3557CTD) 

Whether you already have a style or brand in mind or need some guidance, our Threadbird team will work with you to source the matching set that aligns with your brand and vision. Create a unique merchandise line with apparel that speaks to your personality and brand identity!

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