February 13th, 2020

Customer Feature: walk in love.

‘walk in love.’ is not just a brand, it’s a lifestyle. Choosing to ‘walk in love.’ is embracing the small things in life. Embracing the love among family and friends. But most importantly, doing everything you do with love – “walking in love”.
Walk in Love and Threadbird

‘walk in love.’ is not just a brand, it’s a lifestyle. Choosing to ‘walk in love.’ is embracing the small things in life, like the love amongst family and friends. But most importantly, doing everything you do with love – “walking in love”.

Started in 2008 in Manheim, PA, ‘walk in love.’ was a mission trip fund started by T.J. Mousetis (the founder of walk in love.). In order to raise funds for his mission trip to Russia with his father, he began selling t-shirts with the words “walk in love.”

T.J. felt like that phrase defined how he felt about his faith.

He wanted to pursue a life “walking in love,” without being pushy about it. The phrase is simple enough – we can all relate.

What started as a small fund-raiser became a college hobby and today it’s grown into a full-time job for T.J.,  his wife Brooklyn, and their family. In addition to their t-shirt brand, they run a lifestyle blog full of advice, recipes, and great stories about their family. You can even find a delicious recipe every now and again like their Summer Berry Cobbler.

Their blog and their entire brand supports faithful encouragement - to not only love those around you but love your family deeper.

 “Our message has remained the same through the years and that’s we should love others every chance we get, no strings attached. We try to live that out in our daily lives and share ways we do that as well as acknowledge that we fall short of that.”
– T.J.

Through their blog, T.J. and Brooklyn are candidly transparent as a couple. They share their triumphs and struggles, they share real-life stories with their audience “about how we pursue the idea of walking in love and choosing joy in our actual life.”

They’ve set their brand apart through this -  it’s not just a t-shirt, but an entire platform their audience can connect with. T.J. and Brooklyn embody their brand as a lifestyle and live intentionally and minimally to stay engaged with their family. They’re an example for many others who are trying to achieve just that. T.J. says,

“My absolute favorite tee is the Bella + Canvas 3413.”

The walk in love. brand chooses to illuminate their message of love with quality garments they're sure their customers will love. After years of trying different brands and styles, they landed on Bella + Canvas as their go-to brand. With the addition of custom printed tags and hem tags, it’s these small elements that build brand consciousness and help to set their designs apart.

walk in love. has grown from a hobby to a career for the couple.


We asked T.J. what advice he would give other brands looking to grow their business and he attributes a lot of their success to Instagram.

“I think because we were early adopters of Instagram that helped since it is so challenging to grow an audience today but I also think a lot of how we’ve grown is understanding who we are, what we want to share, and sharing that."

So many brands, to me, don’t understand who they are and tend to focus on just posting trendy content and while that might get you, followers, I don’t think they will stay with you. We tend to focus on saying what we want to say, not what others want us to say.”


T.J. and Brooklyn have created an authentic brand and that’s something their audience can see. It shines through not only their blog but each t-shirt you buy from them.  

Check out the walk in love. blog today and grab yourself one of their t-shirts while you’re there, you won’t regret it! Their next t-shirt drop is on February 16th, 2020 - make sure to mark your calendars.

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